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Ostware Services
Networking Software Engineering
Work & Study Program

Minimum of theory vs maximum of practice!
Price – FREE / Compensation - SALARY / Selection of applicants – COMPETITION

About Ostware Services Networking Software Engineering
Work & Study Program

Networking Work & Study Program is organized by Ostware Services to advance specialists’ competence in the field of Networking technologies. The Company has been working with leaders of the global networking market since 2007 and is currently developing complex full-stack solutions for various industries, in Industrial IoT and Computer Networking.

Networking Work & Study Program was created to broaden experience and expertise in the domain of SDN, NFV, and IoT. Presently, the Program has no analogues in Ukraine. For its participants it’s a unique possibility to study via practicing gained knowledge on cool Networking projects. Minimum of theory vs. maximum of practice.

3 easy steps to become a Program member

  • Apply
  • Successfully complete
    a test
  • Pass an interview with our technical specialists to verify your basic technical knowledge.
You’re required
You’ll get
  • 1-1,5 years of commercial programming experience in IT sphere;
  • Profound knowledge of OOP;
  • Knowledge of Linux on user’s level;
  • Basic understanding of computer’s networks;
  • Knowledge of English at A2 level and higher.
  • Involvement in real projects;
  • Financial compensation for your time and effort;
  • Possibility to join the Company after finishing the Program;
  • Opportunity to learn the Networking technology standards, which are recognized and used in the whole world;
  • Mentoring relationship with the most qualified specialists in the field;
  • Possibility to develop career in the domain of Networking, SDN, NFV, and IoT.

Program details

Start of studying – April, 15 / Location – Lviv / Duration – 3 months
  • 1st month2-3 training sessions per day
  • 2nd month2 training sessions per day
    4 working hours on project
  • 3rd month8 working hours on the project


  • Rostyslav / Software Engineer The program was kind of unusual experiment for me. And now I can say for sure that it was more than successful. We were working on a huge amount of information in a short period of time. These 3 months were challenging and extensive. Moreover, a long list of new technologies, as well as opportunity to practice them – this is what I liked the most.
  • Oleg / Software Engineer The Work & Study Program is a good opportunity to strengthen your knowledge and gain skills in highly specialized domains before you get challenging tasks from the customer. It is worth mentioning that teachers are extremely experienced. Overall, the atmosphere in the company is friendly. I like working areas the most. Besides, long-term projects are also a big plus.
  • Denys / Software Engineer The classrooms are well equipped - they have caught my eye. The atmosphere was and is really friendly. The scope of technologies we were studying is huge! I liked the process of introduction to the project – tasks from the managers were clear and feasible. Each previous task was challenging enough to find the solutions for the next.

Registration period is over!


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